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Teaching and Learning


‘A positive educational environment is best described as supportive, encouraging, motivational, dynamic, inspirational, aspirational, respectful, affirming, challenging, authentic, optimistic, future focussed and constructive. Learners are empowered, when teachers provide opportunities for engagement that enhances the skills and knowledge of students as they grow and develop. 

In positive educational environments, students are responsible and make choices. There are numerous options for students to do something different based on their needs, interests and capacity.
Students, teachers and parents/carers continually learn and grow together in educational environments that incorporate both the physical and relational aspects of learning.’

  • ​        CE Principles of Pedagogy, p. 14

Teachers at St Anne’s are encouraged to make their classrooms ‘flexible learning spaces’ which will be engaging for all learners.

St Anne’s is an inclusive learning environment where teachers are expected to teach with the individual in mind. Opportunities for enrichment are encouraged in the classroom through the use of open-ended tasks and choice. Formal opportunities for enrichment include:

  • Da Vinci Decathlon
  • Aspirations
  • Chess
  • Debating
  • Mad Scientists’ Club
  • Rube Goldberg Challenge
  • ICAS participation
  • Opportunities via the local Aviation Museum such as the Engineering Challenge and Engineers’ days
  • Excursions such as Year 8 Music attending an annual musical in Sydney​

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  • Our Vision: "Dream Big, Take Risks, Achieve Greatness"