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Staff at St Anne's Central School


Staff at St Anne's Central school are commited to the aims set out in the school's vision and mission statements and all staff strive to deliver the best educational outcomes to all students at the school.


Primary Staff
Principal - Kathy Holding Kellye-Anne Coleman - Year 
Assistant Principal - Geraldine Holland Georgia Hughes - Kindergarten 
Religious Education Coordinator - Angela Scott Klara Kite and Donna Fogarty - Year 1
Primary Curriculum Coordinator - Kellye-Anne Coleman  
Secondary Coordinator - Michelle Jamieson  
Roles of responsibility   
Sport Coordinator -  Grant Kitchingman  
Year 10 Pastoral Advisor -    
Year 9 Pastoral Advisor -   
Year 8 Pastoral Advisor -   
Year 7 Pastoral Advisor -   
Secondary Teachers   
Michelle Jamieson - Mathematics   
Grant Kitchingman - PD/H/PE, Health,    
Dean Cartwright - Science and Mathematics   
Wendy Sutherland - Science and Agriculture   
Georgina Breust - English, History and Geography   
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