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iPad Program

St Anne's is committed to adapting to the rapidly evolving area of ICT in education. St Anne's prides itself on delivering the most up to date ICT systems and continues to invest in infrastructure that will give our students the most fun, engaging and beneficial education experience.

In 2013 St Anne's committed to implementing a 1:1 iPad program from Years 5 to Year 9 in 2014 and continuing into 2015 and beyond with Years 5 to Year 10, allowing us to give our students even more access to educational material more often. Resources that students have readily available at school and at home or where ever they may be and without the need for an internet connection. With the introduction of this exciting new hardware into the school, St Anne's invested into a new area of digital resources including digital text books and the interactive digital diary as well as a range of educational applications for all subject areas.





Why iPads in Education?


The video below gives a great overview why the iPad is so great in Education.


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