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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is an intrinsic and essential part of each student’s experience at St Anne’s, underlying the academic, religious and social dimensions of school life. Students are challenged to grow and develop in a supportive, caring and Christian environment.

St Anne’s prides itself on its pastoral care. The small community environment means that each child is well known and catered for. The first point of contact for students in the primary is their Class Teacher and in the secondary their Pastoral Care teacher. Regular and timely communication with home is an expectation.


Teachers are trained in the KidsMatter Framework in the Primary and the MindMatters Framework in the Secondary to ensure that wellbeing is a core part of learning.

Families are sent weekly updates from the parenting ideas website.



A School Counsellor from Catholic Care visits fortnightly.

Community Service

Gospel values are lived out through a strong Community Service program. Students regularly visit local organisations such as those involved in aged care and are encouraged to develop awareness of and to fund raise for various local and national projects.

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