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Religious Education

St Anne’s Central School is a Catholic community under the umbrella of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn. The school’s Religious Education program attempts to impart Catholic teaching and tradition in every aspect of a student’s spiritual and academic development.


All students study Religious Education (Treasures New and Old). Within each year there will be a series of units designed to provide students with a Scripture-based contemporary view of the Christian faith within the Catholic tradition.


As part of our Religious Education course, students will participate in liturgies and prayer celebrations where they reflect on the course content, and where they are challenged to incorporate the values and attitudes inherent in them into their faith life and life experience.


Secondary students 7-9 participate in a reflection day run by the Catholic Youth Team each year.  Year 10 have an overnight retreat which is also run by the Catholic Youth Team. These experiences centre on team building and co-operative learning, and promote acceptance, tolerance and the development of a sincere and genuine Christian understanding of each other and of their relationship with God.


Stage 4

Stage 5

  • God of Stewardship
  • Jesus in History
  • Catholic Church
  • Ways of Praying
  • God of Covenant
  • Jesus the Tecaher
  • Early Church
  • Prayer and Sacramentality
  • God of the Prophets
  • Jesus in Luke
  • Church History
  • Prayer and Eucharist
  • God of Life
  • Jesus & Discipleship
  • Church and Other Faiths
  • Prayer and Spirituality


St Anne's Central School provides a Catholic education for members of the Sacred Heart Parish. Access parish information here.


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