Teaching & Learning

Students, teachers and parents/carers continually learn and grow together in educational environments that incorporate both the physical and relational aspects of learning. Our classrooms are flexible learning spaces that engage all learners.

Religious Education

The school’s Religious Education program attempts to impart Catholic teaching and tradition in every aspect of a student’s spiritual and academic development. As part of our Religious Education course, students will participate in liturgies and prayer celebrations where they reflect on the course content, and where they are challenged to incorporate the values and attitudes inherent in them into their faith life and life experience. E.g. Overnight retreat and Community Outreach Programs.


The school is investing in new innovative technologies to support the students learning in all Key Learning Areas. Every classroom has interactive whiteboards and access to Chromebooks, laptops or iPads as well as a Makerspace. The Makerspace includes a variety of technologies, including 3D printing, robotics, virtual reality, video conferencing and other technologies related to the STEM key learning area.


Year 6 students have the opportunity to be involved in an online program teaching Mandarin. In Year 7 the mandatory language undertaken is French.


In 2020, electives include: Food Technology, Industrial Technology (timber), Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS), Drama, Industrial Technology (metal) and Agriculture.

St Anne’s is very proud of their partnership with Temora Agriculture and innovation Centre (TAIC). Agriculture classes are held at this venue and presented by TAIC staff.


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Reporting: Primary

Three-way Interviews Term 1 and Term 3
Semester Reports Term 2 and Term 4
Informal Interviews Organised by phone or email

Reporting: Secondary

Interim Reports End of Term 1 and Term 3
Formal Interviews End of Term 1 and throughout year
Semester Reports End of Term 2 and Term 4