Identity Statement

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Each year the school concentrates on one of the four focus areas which are listed at the bottom of the School Identity Statement (pictured above).

In 2022 our school-wide focus is on supporting the students to develop their skill and demonstration of ‘compassion’.

Compassion literally means to “suffer together”. Compassion is a crucial skill which we can continually improve. It is about moving beyond empathising with the need of another, to a genuine desire to help and take action. Mary MacKillop is a wonderful role model whom we refer to as a great example of compassion in her life. Caring about others and behaving towards them with affection, generosity and concern can lead to one having genuine feelings for another person’s struggle and being compelled to take action with the desire to help. Genuine expressions of compassion are fundamental to authentically living out our own faith, nurturing the faith life of our Catholic school community to be inclusive of all. In order to promote lifelong learning, we value each of these essential skills at St Anne’s, and work in partnership with families and the community to help foster these in the students. 

This year the strong tradition of the Josephite sisters in the Temora community and in particular of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop influence our theme. Dedication towards serving others, recognising the needs of others and taking action - we hope to instil this same sense of service in the students of St Anne’s. It is our aim to not only encourage a sense of selfless service, but also to promote initiative to seek out a relationship with God, to use their voices to stand up for injustice and to act with genuine concern and compassion for each other.

Our scriptural quote for 2022 is a motto which comes from Mary MacKillop (St Mary of the Cross):

“Never see a need without doing something about it.”