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July 29 Newsletter

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Welcome to Week 3

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and compliance with the rules surrounding our COVID restrictions.
The canteen is open on Monday and Friday. Orders should be placed through QKR before 8 am.
The Book Fair is on until Friday.
Congratulations to our new SRC who will be inducted on Monday.
After a couple of cold and wet weeks, we should all be fully prepared for a cold, and sometimes wet, week.
Rug up and stay warm everyone!

Welcome to Week 2

We should have a nice quiet week with a focus on our learning processes and progress.
Don't forget that the canteen is back on Monday and Friday. As per usual, orders can be placed through QKR before 8 am.
The Book Fair starts this Monday. Check your newsletter for more information.
Please keep an eye on your emails, Schoolzine, and this page for updates on the ever-changing COVID situation. We will pass on all relevant information as is necessary. At this stage, secondary students will still be required to wear masks whilst inside; they are being very responsible about this and we thank them for their cooperation.
This week will continue to be cold and wet, please try to stay warm and dry. Have a safe week!

July 15 Newsletter

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Welcome back to Term 3.

We hope that everyone had a safe and happy break. We are coming back to a few changes in our everyday routines this term.
As you would have read in Mr Haigh's email last week, we ask that parents avoid coming into the school grounds where possible and that they sign it at the office if they do need to be here. Any further changes to our routine will be emailed, so please keep an eye out for these.
All secondary students are now required to wear a mask when they are in a classroom. They will need to bring a mask from home, please.
- The canteen is back today. As usual, orders should be placed through QKR before 8 am.
- We will start today with a whole school liturgy to celebrate NAIDOC Week.
- Western Region Athletics has been postponed, we will let you know new details when they are available.
- The canteen is open today, please place orders through QKR before 8 am.
On a positive note, our new playground surface is finished and looking fabulous!.
We are headed into some wet weather later this week, so please stay warm and as dry as you can!

Wow! It;s Week 10 already

To keep with this term's unofficial theme of being busy, this week will be no different.
- Year's 6 and 7 Confirmation retreat day.
- Year's 3-6 Schools Cup Netball.
- Mortimer Shield Finals.
- Stage 4 wool farm visit.
- NSW Netball Cup.
- Sacrament of Confirmation for Year 7 at 6 pm.
- Stage 5 Leadership Camp (overnight).
- Sacrament of Confirmation for Year 6 at 6 pm.
- Last day of Term 2.
We should continue to have the sun out for the next few days with a chance of rain towards the end of the week.
Have a safe holiday everyone. School will resume on Tuesday 13th July.

June 17 Newsletter

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Week 9

Welcome to a chilly Week 9
Hopefully, everyone had a lovely and warm long weekend.
If you haven't registered for our Teen Mental Health event tomorrow night, please consider registering for this important event. Registration cuts off at 6 pm Tuesday evening.
- Sleep in and enjoy an extra day of rest!
- Secondary well being day. Students may wear casual clothes, and lunch will be provided for them.
- Teen Mental Health event from 7 pm.
- Kinder orientation 9-10 am
This week will continue to be cold (what a shock, it's winter!), and possibly wet.
Stay rugged up everyone and have a great week.

Welcome to Week 8

- Stage 4 Mandatory Tech: Wool store visit.
- Community Council meeting at 7 pm.
- Year 10 Retreat at Warrambui
- Western Region Athletics
The middle of this week will be very cold and it's likely to be raining as well, so don't forget those jumpers and jackets.
Rug up and stay warm everyone!

June 3 Newsletter

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